Prices for plumbing, repair, construction and emergency work:

  • Min. cost of the outcall - this is the price of the first hour of work.

  • We perform work all over Estonia, depending on the location,                                                                               transport costs may be added.

  • Works not mentioned in the price list will be performed according to calculations.

  • Ask for offers with bigger projects.

  • Private customers can make individual agreements.

  • Minimum fee for outcall is the price for one hour`s worth of ordered service.

   PS! The hourly rate applies to the work of one person. VAT is added to the price.

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Service name

Price excluding VAT

Emergency repair of technical systems (one plumber)

26 EUR/h

Plumbing works (one plumber)

26 EUR/h

Welding work

Construction work

Elimination of sewer blockages

38 EUR/h

26 EUR/h

68 EUR/h

Heat exchanger washing (chemical)
+ material

50 EUR/h

Heating system wash (water-air)

50 EUR/h

Milling of internal sewer pipes

65 EUR/h

65 EUR/h

Leak detection in pipelines

38 EUR/h

Excavation work

55 EUR/h

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If you did not find a suitable service in our price list, contact us and we will find a solution.


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